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In todays competitive environment, it’s absolutely vital to possess the latest  information and trends in regards to Technology, Marketing & Commerce.

In partnership with the IBM Montpellier HQs based in the South of France, we would like to propose a 2 day workshop aimed at providing you with the latest information on IBM Technology (PowerAI, Storage, Watson, Blockchain, Quantum Computing…) coupled with International Business and Marketing Development.

Find out how IBM expertise in AI, Watson, Blockchain, Security, Cloud Private, Quantum and IT Infrastructure can help you.

Workshop objectives  :

1.Provide you with an International Business & Marketing workshop with the methodology from our partner Blue-Channel.

Take aways : Develop an IBM plan, SWOT analysis, Go 2 Market (G2M), Go 2 Prospects (G2P), Invest in France…

2.In-depth IBM Technology product workshop tailored to your requirements and network with key IBMers.

Take aways :Obtain the latest information on Power, Storage, VersaStack, Watson, Blockchain, Cloud, Quantum Computing…

Cost : You can use your IBM vouchers which will cover the 2 day workshop. Travel, Hotel and other associated costs are at your charge.